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Hello and welcome to Zoids: Battle Century, a web-forum for all you Zoiders out there. Our focus is on a cooperative creative writing projects set in a totally new Zoids continuity.
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Zoids: Battle Century is coming to a close. Thank you all for being a part of the forum.

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Primary Character Charsheet

 Governmental Allegiance : United Kingdoms of Arcadia
 Zoid Team : United Kingdoms of Arcadia Royal Science Institute, Reclamation Technologies Guild
 Professions : Reclamation Technologies Guild Journeyman, Zoidologist
 Quote : “Be careful what you wish for; you’ll generally get more than the original bargain.”
 Full Name : Carl Edwin Kogaugidali Lee
 Aliases : Krowfeather, Krow, Kantorock, Organoid
 Place of Birth : Heaven’s Reach Reservation, Calivada, North America, Earth
 Current Place of Residence : Zuuri, Northern Territories of Arcadia, Eastern Continent of Edem-Arcadia
 Age : 279
 Sex : Two-Spirit - Male
 Race : Zoidian / Human
 Ethnicity : Tribe of the Earth / First Nations
 Height : 173.9 centimetres
 Weight : 79.3 kilogrammes
 Eye Colour : Turquoise Blue
 Hair Colour : Auburn Red
 Physical Traits :
 Personality Traits :
 Drawbacks :
 Unique Powers & Abilities :
 Personal Pet(s) : Work In Progress
 Personal Organoid(s) : N/A
 Primary Weapon(s) & Equipment :
 Zoid Inventory :
Zoid InventoryRFID
Slot #01Work In Progress
Slot #02Work In Progress
Slot #03Work In Progress
Slot #04Work In Progress
Slot #05Work In Progress
Transport ZoidWork In Progress
 Biography :
Rank: Admin
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